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How to quit smoking – astrological advice

On warm summer nights, staring at the sky decorated with myriad of stars, you can put any question including how to quit smoking. What will the heavenly bodies answer? Astrologers have already heard it and have translated from the star language into the human and formed horoscope for smokers.

Attitude to smoking. Representatives of this sign usually begin to smoke quite early, because of a desire to stand out among others. Same desire makes Aries buy expensive cigarettes and accessories.
How to quit smoking. If someone tries to tell Aries about the harm of smoking, and will make them quit the habit, you will meet an angry repulse. But for the sake of them the Aries will quit smoking once and for all. But Aries must independently come to this decision.
Appropriate way. Spontaneous rejection of cigarettes due to willpower

Attitude to smoking. Taurus begins to smoke seldom but to the point, by their inner conviction, without somebody’s influence, and fully aware of the consequences.
How to quit smoking. However, to convince this stubborn to quit smoking is impossible. And it is very difficult to do independently. It will take all resolution to give up a bad habit. However, having decided something, Taurus usually brings it to the end
Appropriate way. Willpower in combination with the means of nicotine replacement therapy

Attitude to smoking. Smoking for restless Gemini is a way to smooth over the contradictions of their dual nature. If the people of this sign are beginning to smoke, then smoke a lot, and within a short time can not do without cigarettes.
How to quit smoking. However, Gemini easily quit smoking, but they also smoke easily again as a suitable case appears. However, if anyone gives serious arguments in favor of quitting, then the Gemini will listen to it and be able to quit smoking forever.
Appropriate way. Therapist consultations and group therapy

Attitude to smoking. Cigarette is the saving straw for indecisive Cancer, which encourages and supports the deep sea life conflicts. At the same time nicotine suppresses the nervous system, causing melancholy fit.
How to quit smoking. Cancer takes tender care of their health, and the tactic should be based on it. Cancers are grateful consumers of products for quit smoking.
Appropriate way. All sorts of “horror stories”, the images of negative smoking, videos, and warning labels will help. To overcome “withdrawal syndrome”, anti-smoking pills, patches, and chewing gum will help.

Attitude to smoking. For the proud and independent Leo smoking is a way to cope with stress and fatigue, so that these problems were unnoticeable to others. Leo usually strictly doses daily number of cigarettes and smokes moderately, keeping the process under control. However, this does not make smoking less harmful.
How to quit smoking. Leo quits smoking easily, because he has decided. However, Leo can also easily take the opposite decision during the next difficulties. But if quit smoking is a matter of principle…
Appropriate way. On a bet. For the company, encouraging others to give up cigarettes by their personal example

Attitude to smoking. Pedantic and very sensible Virgo governs their lives, including the process of smoking. She smokes as she wants, and does not smoke, also as she wants. Unless, of course, if starts to smoke at all, because bad habits are not for her.
How to quit smoking. Nicotine addiction and Virgo are incompatible concepts, and not crossing. There is no nicotine dependence in Virgo, and, consequently, the difficulties accompanying the process of quit cigarettes.
Appropriate way. Just stop smoking. Do not buy a pack of cigarette or present it to a smoking friend (to throw the pack out is not accessible for Virgo).

Attitude to smoking. They are smoking in a secret places for a long time and no one knows about their habit, because smoking is unaesthetic. Libra believe they can quit smoking whenever they want, and do not have nicotine dependence, but they have it from the first cigarette.
How to quit smoking. Libra tries all ways to quit smoking, because they can not decide what suits them. To get rid of the habit is extremely difficult for them, mainly because of the smoking environment, under the influence of which Libra falls again and again. However, the charm and sociability will help them to create a non-smoking circle of friends and to convince smokers to help Libra to quit cigarettes.
Appropriate way. Go away for a while from cigarettes and smokers, but not on a desert island, as Libra can not stand the loneliness. The group therapy may also help to stop smoking.

Attitude to smoking. Unbalance nature often makes the representatives of this sign smoking cigarette after cigarette. In addition, the Scorpions find smoking very sexual, and cleverly use it for seduction.
How to quit smoking. At all its passion and vigor, Scorpio does not spend money easily, so they can easily quit smoking, if it seems to them too expensive.
Appropriate way. Go in for sport which is necessary for energetic Scorpio

Attitude to smoking. Sensible Sagittarius rarely becomes a slave of nicotine, which does not prevent to smoke a certain number of the cigarettes.
How to quit smoking. Sagittarius will not stand the dependence, including nicotine. In addition, common sense manages the whole life of Sagittarius, so you just need to find a deserving reason to quit smoking, and, most importantly, to prepare carefully.
Appropriate way. Assign “X” day for final separation with cigarettes.

Attitude to smoking. Passion and convinced smokers, these people often do not understand why they need to quit smoking.
How to quit smoking. A real danger to health can make Capricorn to quit smoking (heart attack, stroke, cancer) or complete disappearance of tobacco on the planet. However, Capricorn can quit smoking on the explicit request of an important person for them.
Appropriate way. Hypnosis or some other unreal methods

Attitude to smoking. Aquarius often can be seen in the ranks of the opponents of smoking than among the steaming comrades. If Aquarius light up a cigarette, it is usually by chance, without reason and purpose.
How to quit smoking. Aquarius stops smoking as well as begins it – quietly and casually. A slight change in the usual ritual of smoking is enough and this process will be unattractive for Aquarius. However, if Aquarius subconsciously does not want to quit, nothing will help him do it.
Appropriate way. Replace cigarettes by candies, nuts or chewing gum

Attitude to smoking. It is another sign which is famous for its liking for harmful habits. Pisces smoke to hide their shyness and modesty, inadaptability to this cruel world.
How to quit smoking. Calls to quit smoking do not work. In this case, they begin to smoke even more because of protest. However, if you convince them that it is possible to achieve great results without smoking in some important area of life, Pisces will do everything to get rid of the habit.
Appropriate way. Psychologist’s help and the gradual refuse from smoking.

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